Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can wear cute shoes (sometimes). -- 可愛い靴が履ける(ときもある)。

Maybe in another 10 years I'll work my way up to this.

I can't believe I went without posting for over a month! Sorry. I was -- well, living, and that didn't leave me with much extra energy to write on my blog. STILL fighting sinusitis. (Plus EBV and HHV6. Think mono and roseola and sinus infection rolled into one convenient package! Don't worry, I'm not contagious.)

Then I started experiencing a writer's block; since I haven't said anything in a while, I started feeling like I should make a comeback with something fantastic. (This must be what Michael Jackson must feel like before coming out with a new album. Who knew having fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome would allow me to sympathize with MJ?)

Of course, such expectations are all in my head (a.k.a. part of my neurosis), so I decided to start again, break the ice, with something silly.

My feet and legs haven't stopped hurting, but sometimes on good days, I can now wear shoes with some heels! (For a few hours, provided I'm sitting most of the time, but still.)

I think I worked my way back up to about 2.5 inch heels. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for someone like me who likes all sorts of shoes, this is a momentous achievement.

I suffer more than usual on following days, but it's so worth it, to have an outfit with matching shoes. Silly, I know, but it's something that makes me happy.

I'll save talking about being able to carry a purse for another time. :-P


ぼーっとしていたら、1ヶ月以上もブログを更新せず過ぎてしまいました。 すみません!


副鼻腔炎は未だ治らず。 EBウイルスとHHV6も退治できてないので、単核症と、バラ疹と、副鼻腔炎が仲良く共存しているというようなことです。 (するなよぉ~。 うつりはしないから安心してね。)

それでしばらく書かなかったので、カムバックをするのに何かすごいことを書かなきゃいけないような気になってきて、手が余計止まってしまいました。(マイケルジャクソンがアルバムを出そうかな~と思うときってこんな感じかな? 線維筋痛症と慢性疲労症候群が、MJと私の距離を縮めるとは夢にも見なかったわ~。)

なーんてね。 そんなことは自分の頭の中で考えてるだけのことなので、緊張(神経症?)をときほぐすべく、あほなことからまた書き始めましょう。

足と脚が痛いのは治りませんが、日によって、調子がいい日なら、低いヒールのある靴がまた履けるようになりました! (数時間だけね。 そのほとんどの時間座っていれば。)

6センチくらいのかかとの靴なら履けるようになってきました。 これって普通の人にしてみたらあんまり大した話じゃないかも知れないけれど、かわいい靴が好きな私としては、達成感(?)は大きいです。

その後何日かちょっとつらくても、お洋服と合った靴を履けるということは嬉しいんです~。 ばかみたいって分かってるけど、小さな幸せ。




Ruth's Blog said...

I just saw that there are Crocs with heels! Maybe that's where you should start - not so stylish, but comfy! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere - I was getting worried!

Aya said...

Crocs for me bring back the memories of Colorado, since that's where it all started :-) I did entertain the idea of buying Crocs Mary Janes for a while. I should look again; thanks for the tip Ruth!