Friday, July 20, 2007

The joy of being sick = beauty of raspberries! - 病気によって見つける喜び=ラズベリーって綺麗!

Weather: Rain; 62°F
Energy Level: 3 out of 10
Mood: Pretty good but dizzy still...

I never realized raspberries were so beautiful.

(Forgive me I'm not a good photographer like my sister Nire... My picture doesn't really do justice to these raspberries!)

I've been thinking that there are certain upsides and downsides to being sick and in pain all the time.

For example:
Downside: We had to postpone our honeymoon trip to Japan/Japanese wedding.
Upside: Both of my parents are coming to visit us in Seattle next month! Yippie!

Downside: Since my feet hurt, I can't wear cute shoes with heels, which also disguise my short legs.
Upside(?): (Daniel may dispute this.) It's an excuse to buy cute flats to replace them.

Downside: Often too dizzy or too painful to drive for more than 15 minutes. (= Can't make it to Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)
Upside: When I walk or bike, I notice things like dragonflies and birds catching bugs, and I get to rescue snails in the middle of a road.

Downside: Can't eat out as much due to the fear of poisoning myself with gluten/allergens.
Upside: We get to learn how to cook together and eat at home.

A lot of things I come across nowadays are quite surprising and delightful. Today's discovery started out like this:

(Last night)
Me: "I want one of those things that lets us make our own popsicles, because it's tricky to eat store-bought kinds."
Daniel: "Okay."
Me: "Wonder if they have it at Cook's World." (The kitchenware shop across the street where we are taking cooking classes - they give us a discount when you're their student.)
Daniel: "We can go look. It'll probably taste better anyway - we had one of those growing up."

Then we went and found one. An old-fashioned "Frozen Ice Pop Maker."

I was too tired to get started last night, so I started making our frozen pops today. I was at first going to make simple ones, some with pineapple/coconut juice and some with boysenberry nectar. Then I remembered the organic raspberries in the frig.

I washed them and started gently pulling them apart by hand to make them into smaller bits (so I can put them in the boysenberry pops) - I always knew they were beautiful fruits, but I never realized how beautiful each tiny berry bits were! (Do you call them seeds? Berries? Kernels??)

Evocative of pomegranate (looks a bit like corn too), each bit was slightly translucent, with glowing yellow-ish color inside. Amazing. The beauty was literally breathtaking.

If I hadn't found out about my celiac disease, I probably would've never stopped to look at each small bit inside raspberries.

This, and the rain, are keeping me happy today. Not to mention waiting for our own frozen pops.


↑ Can you see the raspberry bits?

Put the top on...

I can't wait. Yummmm

天候: 雨; 17°C
元気度: 3/10
気分: まあまあだけど まだ めまいでクラクラ~。

↑ One more thing
that always makes me happy:
Momo in a box.


(写真を撮るのが下手で ラズベリーに申し訳ない。。。)


悪いこと : ハネムーン・日本での結婚式を延期せざるを得なかった。
いいこと : 来月、両親がそろってシアトルに会いに来てくれる!

悪いこと : 足が痛くて、(足が短いのをごまかすのにも役立つ)
いいこと(?) : (ダニエルは異を唱えるかも。) 代わりに、かわいい

悪いこと   めまいがして痛いので車の運転が出来ず出かけられない。
いいこと : 歩いたり自転車に乗って出かけると、トンボが飛んでるのや、

悪いこと   グルテンが入っているかも知れないのが怖くて
いいこと : 二人一緒にお料理を習って家で一緒に食べられる。

言えるかも知れません。 今日の発見はこんなきっかけで始まりました。

あ: 「売ってるアイスキャンデーって買うの怖いから、昔良くあったような、
ダ: 「うん、いいんじゃない。」
あ: 「クックスワールドで売ってると思う?」
(お向かいの調理器具屋さん。 そこでお料理教室に通ってるので
ダ: 「見に行こう、多分その方がおいしいよ。 小さい頃うちでも




すごーい。 美しさに一瞬息を呑むとはこういう感じでしょうか。




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