Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No pain, no gain (?) -- 痛みあって得るもの。

I <3 Vancouver!

Sorry I hadn't posted in a while... I kind of felt like I'd been put though a washing machine cycle after the trip to Vancouver :D

But I'm back, alive, and it was totally worth it!

I should know that reckless acts often result in pain. The big scar on my kneecap (from my kindergarten days, no less) is a good reminder. I must say, though, spiritually, we all need to stretch beyond our current limits sometimes.

Still recovering... my IV took almost 5 hours today :-( (Other folks seem to get out in about 2 hours.)

Another good news: the latest lab results (from the blood draw shortly before the trip) came back, and my white blood cell count is up! I'm finally back into the "normal" range (although at the lowest value of the range). So the doctor thinks I can re-start my anti-viral IVs again, now that my body might be somewhat more ready to fight the infections.

My chronic viral infections (Epstein-Barr, HVV6) were still rampant. Sigh.

Well, one thing at a time. Actually two things! I'm toasting to the successful trip to Vancouver and the increased white blood cell count.




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