Friday, April 11, 2008

Lots of compassion all around -- 慈悲の心がいっぱい。


I just came home from interpreting the Dalai Lama! ...and the other distinguished panelists, for Seeds of Compassion conference. It was a lot of talk about nurturing compassion.

Admittedly, we (being the other interpretor and I) took a while to warm up, and in some parts may not have made much sense. I think we were doing okay by the end. :-P

I'm not a simultaneous interpretor by trade. In our defense, when we took this job, we were only told to translate for the Dalai Lama. He speaks in fairly slow English, as well as his interpretor, so we figured we'd do fine. Then a couple of days ago, we were told we were to translate the entire dialogue amongst several panelists.

Even professional interpretors were expressing their concern -- they said you're usually supposed to have more interpretors for multiple panelists. And then they showed these video tapes that talked about the types of research/work each respective panelist was doing, which we also had to translate by surprise. (We were given no script.) Plus (as if those weren't enough) we kept having technical difficulties, in which we kept getting another, unrelated, audio feed: we were hearing the conference in one ear and audio feed from another TV show in the other for a while.

It was exciting but exhausting... I think I'll take a nap. Hopefully we can do better tomorrow... Please have compassion for our translation ;-)


ダライ・ラマ法王(とその他の専門家の先生方)の通訳をして今帰ってきました! 慈悲の心をみんなで育もう、というコンファレンスだけあって、「慈悲の心」がたくさん出てくる会話でした。

最初ぐだぐだ、めちゃめちゃだった~。 (T_T)ウルウル 慣れるのにしばらくかかりましたが、最後の方はもう少し良かった・・・かな? (今日の分は聞かないで!)

ご存知の通り、私は同時通訳が職業ではありません。 (頼まれて個人で通訳はやったことあるけど。) 言い訳みたいですが、当初引き受けたときは「ダライ・ラマ法王の通訳を」と言われて引き受けたんですよね~。 彼と彼の通訳の人の英語はある程度ゆっくりだから。 そうしたら2日ほど前になって、「あ、あと他の専門家のパネリストの分も対話を全部通訳してね」と言われて。 (ヒキツリ) プロの通訳の人でさえ、「普通、パネリストがいっぱいいる場合は通訳の人数もその分増やすんだけど~」と言ったぐらいで。
それで、台本とかは全然もらっていないところに、それぞれの専門家がこんなリサーチ・お仕事してます、みたいなビデオが出てきて、お、これも通訳?となってよけいヒキツリ。 それだけでは終わらず、ハプニングは続出。 何かAV側に問題が生じて、対談中しばらく、コンファレンスの音声と、もう一つ全然関係ないテレビ番組の音声が同時にヘッドフォンに入ってきていたのでした。

とっても光栄だったのに変わりはないんですが、疲れた。。。 お昼寝でもしようっと。 明日はもう少し上手くやれますように。 聞く・見る機会がもしあったら、慈悲の心を持って見てください。。。



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