Friday, November 2, 2007

Maybe I will buy your presents instead.


Okay, so y'all won't receive my rudimentary knitting projects for Xmas this year. (Do I hear a sigh of relief?)

I'm recovering from yesterday's IgG shot, and thought: hey, maybe I could knit to relax.

Perhaps the time was too soon. After knitting one row of a baby blanket (which I keep knitting bit by bit perpetually for the next upcoming baby), my fingers/arms/shoulders have all cramped up, and apparently now my wrists have hearts in them (i.e. throbbing). Never mind!

I was dreaming of taking a knitting class this winter, hoping that would motivate me to finish Daniel's sweater I started way back when (I recently found all my knitting supplies, which had been packed away), but maybe I won't finish it this winter either.

For now, you must dream on about your great phantom sweater, Daniel. Sorry. Maybe next winter :-)


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